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This release has many updates to the test sub-directory, hopefully fixing the test suite. Also, the build system has been cleaned up quite a bit. Lastly, a half dozen or so bugs were fixed. See Changelog for more details.

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This release adds more bug fixes and cleanups. No major functionality changes.

Chris Leech (1):
      libopeniscsiusr: extend sysfs ignore_error to include EINVAL

Lee Duncan (15):
      Fix compiler error introduced with recent IPv6 commit.
      Remove dependences from iscsi-init.service
      Use "sbindir" for path in systemd service files
      Updated README a bit
      Finish ability to have binary location configurable.
      Fix iscsi-init so that it runs when root writable
      remove redundant params in Makefile
      Fixing last parts of sbindir configuration
      Cosmetic cleanup on recent addition
      Update the iscsi-gen-initiatorname script: harden and generalize
      change iscsi-gen-initiatorname option -b => -p
      Add man page for the iscsi-gen-initiatorname script.
      Install new man page for iscsi-gen-initiatorname
      Fix issues discovered by gcc12
      Fix more issues discovered by gcc12

Mike Christie (4):
      iscsi sysfs: check state before onlining devs
      iscsistart: fix login timeout handling
      iscsid: use infinite timeout if passed in
      iscsid: add error code for req timeouts

Samy Mahmoudi (1):
      Improve 'iscsid.conf'

Wenchao Hao (8):
      iscsiadm: Call log_init() first to fix a segmentation fault
      iscsi_err: Add iscsid request timed out error messages
      Fix wrong install_systemd destination path
      actor: add name to struct actor and init it with function name
      actor: print thread name in log
      actor: enhanced: print error log when init a initilized thread
      initiator_common: make set operational parameter log easy to read
      iscsid: Check session id before start sync a thread
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This release continues to fix small issues as they are found, and adds some IPv6 CNA (offload card) fixes, for iscsi booting, as well.

Change summary (from Changelog):

Chris Leech (1):
      iscsistart: fix null pointer deref before exit

Lee Duncan (8):
      Add iscsiadm "no wait" option for firmware login.
      Set default 'startup' to 'onboot' for FW nodes
      Support the "qede" CNA-card driver.
      Handle qedi correctly in NPAR mode
      Change iscsi IP type from defines to enum.
      Update iface.example for ipv6
      Update iscsiadm man page
      Handle IPv6 interfaces correctly.

Manish Rangankar (1):
      bnx2x.c: Re-initialize bp->version with baseline version.

Mike Christie (1):
      iscsid: set PR_SET_IO_FLUSHER

gulams (3):
      Log error message when auth debug status is set
      Check ISCSI_ERR_ISCSID_NOTCONN in iscsistart login
      Handle recv() returning 0 in iscsid_response()
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This release consolidates recent iscsi cleanups, and fixes a nasty iscsiadm bug that caused it to core dump right before exiting with success.


Abhinav Rajagopalan (1):
      Fix typo in

Chris Leech (3):
      libopeniscsiusr: fix error messages
      libopeniscsiusr: skip over removed sessions
      libopeniscsiusr: dont error loudly if a session isn't found when working through iscsi_sessions_get()

Fabian Möller (1):
      iscsid: Add NO_SYSTEMD to CFLAGS

Helmut Grohne (1):
      Avoid hardcoding pkg-config to fix cross build

John Schaeffer (1):
      Add etc/systemd/iscsi-init.service to SYSTEMDFILES Makefile variable

Lee Duncan (4):
      iscsid: Do not allow conflicting pid-file options
      Fix iscsiadm segfault when exiting
      Fix iscsistart login issue when target is delayed.
      Enable iscsi.service asynchronous logins, cleanup services

Matwey V. Kornilov (1): in iscsi.service

Patrick Lawrence (1):
      Change mkdir permissions to 0770, adjust usmask

Wenchao Hao (4):
      idbm: Fix memory leak and NULL pointer dereference in idbm_rec_update_param()
      libopeniscsiusr: Fix memory leak in iscsi_nodes_get()
      libopeniscsiusr: Fix memory leak in iscsi_sessions_get()
      iscsiadm: Fix memory leak in iscsiadm
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Chris Leech (4):
iscsiadm buffer overflow regression when discovering many targets at once
check for header length underflow during checksum calculation
check for u8 overflow when processing TCP options
check for TCP urgent pointer past end of frame

Gulam Mohamed (1):
iscsid: Poll timeout value to 1 minute for iscsid

Khem Raj (1):
libopeniscsiusr: Compare with max int instead of max long

Lee Duncan (4):
Add ability to attempt target logins asynchronously
Implement login "no_wait" for iscsiadm NODE mode
Updated iscsiadm man page.
iscsiadm: fix host stats mode coredump

Wenchao Hao (15):
Fix memory leak in sysfs_get_str
iscsiadm: Optimize the the verification of mode paramters
Update .gitignore for cscope and gtags data base
iscsi_sysfs: Fix NULL pointer deference in iscsi_sysfs_read_iface
iscsi-iname: Verify open() return value before calling read()
iscsiuio: Fix invalid parameter when call fstat()
open-iscsi: Fix invalid pointer deference in find_initiator()
open-iscsi: Fix NULL pointer dereference in mgmt_ipc_read_req()
iscsi_net_util: Fix NULL pointer dereference in find_vlan_dev()
open-iscsi: Clean user_param list when process exit
fwparam_ppc: Fix NULL pointer dereference in find_devtree()
sysfs: Verify parameter of sysfs_device_get()
fwparam_ppc: Fix illegal memory access in fwparam_ppc.c
iscsiuio: Remove unused macro IFNAMSIZ defined in iscsid_ipc.c
fwparam_ppc: Fix memory leak in fwparam_ppc.c

Yoshifumi Kinoshita (1):
iscsid: fix logging level when starting and shutting down daemon

gulams (1):
iscsid: Check Invalid Session id for stop connection (1):
TODO: Update to todo list.

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One or two small bugs, several compiler and musl cleanups, and some openssl usage that removes redundant code.

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This is mostly a bug-fix release, with the addition of an upgrade of the regression test suite from shell-based to python PyTest (PyUnit) based.

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Now support better encryption, thanks to changes from Chris Leech, who also set up regular Coverity scans and fixed a bunch of problems thereby found.

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See the Changelog for a list of commits in this release.

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Update URL in docs and tag release 2.0.874