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bug fixes, async login improvements

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@cleech cleech released this 18 Dec 19:03
· 243 commits to master since this release

Chris Leech (4):
iscsiadm buffer overflow regression when discovering many targets at once
check for header length underflow during checksum calculation
check for u8 overflow when processing TCP options
check for TCP urgent pointer past end of frame

Gulam Mohamed (1):
iscsid: Poll timeout value to 1 minute for iscsid

Khem Raj (1):
libopeniscsiusr: Compare with max int instead of max long

Lee Duncan (4):
Add ability to attempt target logins asynchronously
Implement login "no_wait" for iscsiadm NODE mode
Updated iscsiadm man page.
iscsiadm: fix host stats mode coredump

Wenchao Hao (15):
Fix memory leak in sysfs_get_str
iscsiadm: Optimize the the verification of mode paramters
Update .gitignore for cscope and gtags data base
iscsi_sysfs: Fix NULL pointer deference in iscsi_sysfs_read_iface
iscsi-iname: Verify open() return value before calling read()
iscsiuio: Fix invalid parameter when call fstat()
open-iscsi: Fix invalid pointer deference in find_initiator()
open-iscsi: Fix NULL pointer dereference in mgmt_ipc_read_req()
iscsi_net_util: Fix NULL pointer dereference in find_vlan_dev()
open-iscsi: Clean user_param list when process exit
fwparam_ppc: Fix NULL pointer dereference in find_devtree()
sysfs: Verify parameter of sysfs_device_get()
fwparam_ppc: Fix illegal memory access in fwparam_ppc.c
iscsiuio: Remove unused macro IFNAMSIZ defined in iscsid_ipc.c
fwparam_ppc: Fix memory leak in fwparam_ppc.c

Yoshifumi Kinoshita (1):
iscsid: fix logging level when starting and shutting down daemon

gulams (1):
iscsid: Check Invalid Session id for stop connection (1):
TODO: Update to todo list.