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Mostly cleanups, and fixing one nasty iscsiadm bug

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@gonzoleeman gonzoleeman released this 11 Mar 20:11
· 226 commits to master since this release

This release consolidates recent iscsi cleanups, and fixes a nasty iscsiadm bug that caused it to core dump right before exiting with success.


Abhinav Rajagopalan (1):
      Fix typo in

Chris Leech (3):
      libopeniscsiusr: fix error messages
      libopeniscsiusr: skip over removed sessions
      libopeniscsiusr: dont error loudly if a session isn't found when working through iscsi_sessions_get()

Fabian Möller (1):
      iscsid: Add NO_SYSTEMD to CFLAGS

Helmut Grohne (1):
      Avoid hardcoding pkg-config to fix cross build

John Schaeffer (1):
      Add etc/systemd/iscsi-init.service to SYSTEMDFILES Makefile variable

Lee Duncan (4):
      iscsid: Do not allow conflicting pid-file options
      Fix iscsiadm segfault when exiting
      Fix iscsistart login issue when target is delayed.
      Enable iscsi.service asynchronous logins, cleanup services

Matwey V. Kornilov (1): in iscsi.service

Patrick Lawrence (1):
      Change mkdir permissions to 0770, adjust usmask

Wenchao Hao (4):
      idbm: Fix memory leak and NULL pointer dereference in idbm_rec_update_param()
      libopeniscsiusr: Fix memory leak in iscsi_nodes_get()
      libopeniscsiusr: Fix memory leak in iscsi_sessions_get()
      iscsiadm: Fix memory leak in iscsiadm