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BCOP: Best Current Operational Practices

Here we will work together to make the Internet a better place by turning tribal knowledge into public knowledge through a series of peer-reviewed living documents.

Start with the Open-IX Document Development Process (OIX-DDP).

Check the List of Appeals for ideas on BCOPs to start work on, or to add your own request for a new BCOP to be documented.

When you're ready, use the BCOP Template as the basis for a new BCOP document.

Don't forget to join the mailing list to be part of the conversation!

More Information:

Say it: B-C-O-P (bee cee oh pee)

Our work is facilitated and organized primarily through the Open-IX BCOP committee.

Our Goals

  1. Collect current information from active and experienced engineers.
    The best place to seek operational advice is from a network engineer who has learned from their mistakes and the mistakes of those who came before them. Someone who has done well what you now seek to do. Unfortunately not everyone (especially new engineers, working on new networks) has access to an accomplished sage of network engineering. Gathering the advice of these experts into a common pool gives everyone, all around the world, equal access to this previously very “tribal” knowledge. This open access to the very best current operational practices helps put more networks and more engineers on a more equal footing, creating a better Internet for all of us (less mistakes and less bad habits equals less hassles for everyone).

  2. Maintain living documents, flexible to change over time.
    Technology changes. It’s changing faster every day. Network and Internet technology is no exception. In order for the advice gathered to stay relevant, it must stay current. The documents that contain these best current operational practices must be living; they must be open to new information, additional experience and changes in the underlying technologies. They must embrace flexibility or face eventual insignificance.

Your Role

  1. Use the existing BCOPs as references, for yourself, those who work with you, and elsewhere in your network. Link to them and tell other network engineers about them!

  2. Join in and comment on the current Draft BCOPs under development.

  3. Create a new BCOP and work with the Global Network Engineering Community (GNEC) to complete it and have it ratified as an official BCOP!

Even More:

We've been at this a long time, there's this post on the ARIN blog if you want some history (just ignore the old links).