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How to contribute?

👍🎉 First of all, thanks for taking the time to contribute! 🎉👍

You can make this project better by contributing to it. You can report mistakes and errors, create more content, etc. Whatever is your background, there is a way to contribute: via the GitHub website, via command-line or even without dealing with GitHub.

We will address your issues and/or assess your change proposal as promptly as we can, and help you become a member of our community.

How can I report mistakes or errors?

The easiest way to start contributing is to file an issue to tell us about a problem such as a typo, spelling mistake, or a factual error. You can then introduce yourself and meet some of our community members.

How can I get started with contributing?

This repository store the sources for the website. You can help us improve it and get acknowledged for your contributions.

Here are a few ways you can get started with contributing to this program.

  1. Help us address one of the issues currently open in our repository.
  2. Create a new issue to suggest changes/improvements on our website/program.
  3. Send a pull request to correct typo, or fill any gap that you see on our website.
  4. Write about your Mozilla Open Leader project and share with our participants.
  5. Contribute your blog posts that could be relevant for our participants. You can check out our the stories to get an idea of what we post there.

Do you have other ideas for contributions? Contact the organisers (

How can I contribute in "advanced" mode?

Most of the content is written in GitHub Flavored Markdown with some metadata (a.k.a. front-matter) found in YAML files. Everything is stored on this GitHub repository.

To manage changes, we use GitHub flow based on Pull Requests:

  1. Create a fork of this repository on GitHub
  2. Clone your fork of this repository to create a local copy on your computer
  3. Create a new branch in your local copy for each significant change
  4. Commit the changes in that branch
  5. Push that branch to your fork on GitHub
  6. Submit a pull request from that branch to the master repository
  7. If you receive feedback, make changes in your local clone and push them to your branch on GitHub: the pull request will update automatically
  8. Pull requests will be merged by the training team members after at least one other person has reviewed the Pull request and approved it.

What can I do to help the project?

In issues, you will find lists of issues to fix and features to implement. Feel free to work on them!