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OPENMEDiAID is built by a community of volunteers – many people contribute in different roles. Contributions may be one-time submissions of ideas, code or other. Some people commit themselves to contribute regularly. Depending on your level of commitment we would love to see you become a member of one of the following teams – check out our open positions.

Core Team

The core team consists of people who feel a strong commitment to the project. They push the project with regular contributions and daily participation. Weekly workload: 15+ hours.

Are you looking for an opportunity to shape and develop the OPENMEDiAID platform together with other great people who have their hearts in the right place and their heads filled with ideas? We will be very happy to receive your email at core-team (at) openmediaid (dot) org telling us about your skills and motivation.

Portrait Benjamin Benjamin Diedrichsen (30), software engineer
studied computer science and economics. He works as a software engineer since 2007 – doing mostly server side programming – and is an active committer in various open source projects.
Beginning in summer 2009 he spent a year in a rural area of Mexico where he gave computer lessons at a secondary school and managed IT infrastructure of an NGO. In early spring 2012 and after approximately 2 years of persistent health problems, he was diagnosed with a form of rheumatism called Morbus Bechterew.
After many consultations with different doctors I experienced how little effort was made to include myself into the process of dealing with my illness. The most useful information actually resulted from my own research and recommendations of people I talked to.
During my Internet searches I hit many pay-walls and was overwhelmed by unstructured and low-quality medical information.
As a software developer I know this can be done much better. As a human being I trust in the powers and intelligence of the crowd. As a patient I want to share my medical data with others in order to give and receive help.

Portrait Richard Richard Hopp (24), UIX engineer
studied an interdisciplinary combination of IT and Design to combine two of his versatile interests. He did an internship at the sustainable media agency sinnwerkstatt in Berlin and thereby worked on a open source economic balancing tool for the common good. Now he is developing a UI-/UX-Prototype for the OPENMEDiAID project as his bachelor thesis. I have long been interested in medicine, healthcare, alternative practices and the values of a healthy life. In my studies the aspect I liked most was to develop user interfaces and the user experience of web-apps.
OPENMEDiAID caught my interest when I met Benjamin during my internship in Berlin and in my opinion it is absolutely worth supporting. Especially the key-principles like openness, transparency and non-profit organization and the empowerment of patients. I want to help making health management as simple and intuitive as possible.

Support Team

The support team provides an important part of the workforce and diversity of skills. Support team members help the core team to get things done and usually donate 4+ hours of work per week.
Do you feel like contributing to the project regularly but without the commitment of almost daily participation? Great! Write us an email to support-team (at) openmediaid (dot) org and tell us about yourself.

Portrait Jenni Jenni OTTILIE Keppler (29), graphic designer, illustrator
finished her BA in Communication Design and decided to leave the university context to start making changes and getting things done. Jenni exclusively works for projects that have a value beyond money and fame and her positive thinking is always reflected in her designs. She is a crazily talented illustrator and her creativity is often contagious. For me, getting involved in OPENMEDiAID was a must, as I strongly support the values and its genuine approach to contribute to community-based well-being. Rooted deeply in the Open Source spirit, helping it grow is beyond exciting and I can’t wait to see people gathering and helping each other in this sort of spirit.

Board of advisors

The board of advisors consists of experts in different areas who are supporting the project as consultants. They provide the project with their expertise and guidance for specific questions that require very special knowledge.

Portrait Andreas Andreas Andresen (30), mathematician
is about to finish his doctorate thesis in theoretical statistics at the "Weierstraß Institute for Analysis and Stochastic". During his studies at the Humboldt-University Berlin he was involved in the initiatives "Stipendienkritik" und "Stipendienspenden" which were trying to make the distribution of grants more suited to the actual needs of the receivers. The internet is great where it features helpful, social, open and democratic services. OpenMediaAid is exactly that and fills a huge gap. I want to use my analytical skills and knowledge of mathematical statistics to contribute to the machine learning algorithms that will make OPENMEDiAID a smart promoter of knowledge.??
Portrait Boris Boris Bornemann (30), Psychologist
is pursuing a PhD in psychology/neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. His main interest lies in the development of methods that empower people to understand and manage their own mental and bodily health. We’re all potential experts on our own bodies and minds. If this individual expertise is aggregated through a well functioning IT system and combined with scientific knowledge, we will learn new things about illness, treatments and how they work. This is what OPENMEDiAID aims for. I try to support the project with my scientific and psychological knowledge such that the medical data model can incorporate mind-body-interactions which have become more and more apparent in medical research. I believe OPENMEDiAID will make a big difference by empowering people and involving their expertise in the endeavour to create healthier lives for all of us.
Marcus Jahn (29), Psychologist
is in the advanced stage of his training as psychotherapist. His diploma thesis focused on the moderating effect of gender on comorbidity. Later, Marcus worked as a diagnostician at the outpatient clinic of the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and he currently works on a psychiatric unit as well as in an outpatient clinic.. When I heard about OPENMEDiAID, I was interested right away. However, I felt that psychogenic symptoms shouldn’t be missed, since psychological factors can be an influential cause, mediator or moderator for somatic complaints and the course of a disease. Therefore I want to help the project by providing a clinical psychology perspective.
Peter Tinnemann (47), Medical Doctor
co-ordinates Global Health research and teaching at the Charité Berlin as academic staff member of the Institute of Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics.
He holds a Master in Public Health from Cambridge University, United Kingdom and a medical degree from Hamburg University. His main interest lies in understanding the impact of the globalisation process on health of populations.
Using modern information technology combined with crowd knowledge can help us better understand the complexity of influences on health that transcend territorial boundaries and are beyond the capacity of individual nation states’ domestic institutions. I hope that exploring the potential of inter-disciplinary teamwork, collaboration in networks and new modes of communication will help facilitate the global health idea

WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER? Write us an email to advisory-board (at) openmediaid (dot) org and tell us about your expertise.

Open Positions

We are especially looking for people who want to fill the roles of

We still need more expertise in our advisory board

  • Human physiology and medical diagnostics
  • Fundraising / Crowdfunding
  • Accounting
  • Law

Note: We are planning to crowd-fund salaries for all major positions but until we are, all support is purely volunteer.