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MMTracking is an open source video perception toolbox by PyTorch. It is a part of OpenMMLab project.

The master branch works with PyTorch1.5+.

Major features

  • The First Unified Video Perception Platform

    We are the first open source toolbox that unifies versatile video perception tasks include video object detection, multiple object tracking, single object tracking and video instance segmentation.

  • Modular Design

    We decompose the video perception framework into different components and one can easily construct a customized method by combining different modules.

  • Simple, Fast and Strong

    Simple: MMTracking interacts with other OpenMMLab projects. It is built upon MMDetection that we can capitalize any detector only through modifying the configs.

    Fast: All operations run on GPUs. The training and inference speeds are faster than or comparable to other implementations.

    Strong: We reproduce state-of-the-art models and some of them even outperform the official implementations.

What's New

We release MMTracking 1.0.0rc0, the first version of MMTracking 1.x.

Built upon the new training engine, MMTracking 1.x unifies the interfaces of datasets, models, evaluation, and visualization.

We also support more methods in MMTracking 1.x, such as StrongSORT for MOT, Mask2Former for VIS, PrDiMP for SOT.

Please refer to dev-1.x branch for the using of MMTracking 1.x.


Please refer to for install instructions.

Getting Started

Please see and for the basic usage of MMTracking.

A Colab tutorial is provided. You may preview the notebook here or directly run it on Colab.

There are also usage tutorials, such as learning about configs, an example about detailed description of vid config, an example about detailed description of mot config, an example about detailed description of sot config, customizing dataset, customizing data pipeline, customizing vid model, customizing mot model, customizing sot model, customizing runtime settings and useful tools.

Benchmark and model zoo

Results and models are available in the model zoo.

Video Object Detection

Supported Methods

Supported Datasets

Single Object Tracking

Supported Methods

Supported Datasets

Multi-Object Tracking

Supported Methods

Supported Datasets

Video Instance Segmentation

Supported Methods

Supported Datasets


We appreciate all contributions to improve MMTracking. Please refer to for the contributing guideline and this discussion for development roadmap.


MMTracking is an open source project that welcome any contribution and feedback. We wish that the toolbox and benchmark could serve the growing research community by providing a flexible as well as standardized toolkit to reimplement existing methods and develop their own new video perception methods.


If you find this project useful in your research, please consider cite:

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    author={MMTracking Contributors},
    howpublished = {\url{}},


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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