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# Copyright (c) 2013 University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.
# All rights reserved.
# See COPYING in top-level directory.
lsnettopo provides a description of the network information discovered.
The output is displayed to the console or exported to the specified
format type.
Command Line Interface:
<input directory> (Optional)
Path to directory where the netloc .dat files are placed.
Detected as the first unknown option on the command line
Default: ./
--full | -f (Optional)
Full output, in addition to the brief overview
Default: disabled
--export | -e <export_type> (Optional)
Export the data in the specified format type.
Supported Format Types
screen (Default)
Display to the terminal
File extension .graphml
File extension .gexf
--verbose | -v (Optional)
Verbose output.
--help | -h (Optional)
Display a help message.
shell$ lsnettopo
shell$ lsnettopo data/
shell$ lsnettopo ../../ --export gexf