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# Copyright (c) 2013 University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.
# All rights reserved.
# See COPYING in top-level directory.
netloc_reader_of processes data from a supported OpenFlow controller to
discover information about an Ethernet network. The controller must be
running and reachable from the machine running this tool.
The resulting .ndat files are used as abstract representations of the
network graph for the netloc API.
Command Line Interface:
--controller | -c <cname>
Name of the controller to use to access the OpenFlow network
information. See below for options.
Supported Controllers
Do not read new information. Just verify the .ndat files in the
output directory.
Attach to the OpenDaylight controller for network information.
Attach to the Floodlight controller for network information.
--subnet | -s <subnet id> (Optional)
The subnet id of the network
Default: "unknown"
--outdir | -o <output directory> (Optional)
Path to directory where output .dat filess are placed by the tool.
Default: "./"
--addr | -a <IP Address:Port> (Optional)
IP address and port of the controller
--username | -u <username> (Optional)
Username for authorization to the controller
Default: <none>
--password | -p <password> (Optional)
Password for authorization to the controller
Default: <none>
--help | -h (Optional)
Display a help message.
shell$ netloc_reader_of --controller floodlight \
--outdir ../dat_files/