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Meeting 2010 09

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  • Dates: Sept 8-10th, 2010 (Wednesday - Fri)
  • Time: Wednesday 1pm-5pm, Thursday+Friday 9am-5pm GMT
  • Location: HLRS, Stuttgart, Germany (see below)

(stale webex link)

Details on location

  • The meeting will be held at HLRS, which is on the out-skirts of the Campus of the University in Vaihingen:
      Hoechstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart
      Nobelstrasse 19
      70569 Stuttgart
  • HLRS is conveniently reachable by S-Bahn (local train) and by foot from the S-Bahn station and the EuroMPI conference hotel (see below) or check Google map. Further information on maps and directions



The meeting shall bring together developers from many organizations to discuss the following topics:

  • Short presentation of current and future interest of each partner in Open MPI.
  • Overarching Thread-architecture discussion (separate packages, testing, etc)
  • Opal-Event freshup
  • OPAL/ORTE/OMPI in other projects / Diversification of Code base:
    • STCI requirements
    • ORCM requirements
    • Current OMPI dependancies (BTLs outside of OMPI, etc)
    • Third-Party Software (libevent, hwloc: moving hwloc to the top-level opal, having wrappers and/or having separate third-party software)
  • MPI-3 implementation issues
  • Point-to-point communication performance
  • Large scale challenges


  • Jeff Squyres, Cisco
  • Richard Graham, ORNL
  • Sylvain Jeaugey, Bull
  • Nadia Derbey, Bull
  • Matthias Jurenz, TU-Dresden
  • Jens Doleschal, TU-Dresden
  • Shiqing Fan, HLRS
  • Rainer Keller, HLRS
  • Christoph Niethammer, HLRS


To meet the agenda and requirements of Videoconferencing across time-zones, the agenda is split into a "Collection of ideas" phase and a (shorter) "Presentation and Discussion" phase as marked below. To allow room for discussion, the Videoconferences are scheduled to start later but precisely at 3pm.

  • Wednesday 1pm - 5pm

    • Collection of issues regarding large-scale issues
  • Friday 3pm - 5pm: Videoconference

    • Presentation and Discussion of Overarching Thread-architecture discussion
    • Presentation and Discussion of MPI-3 implementation issues

Results of Discussions


  • Sylvain: Open MPI @ Bull (see slides below)

    • Would want their MPI to be based on a release of v1.5

    • Large scale with many-core nodes -> need SM improvements

    • Have 4 IB cards per node -> Don't want carto to be deprecated

    • Need another component apart from hwloc to address Topology (tuple-based and functions showing distances), may be open-sourced... Sylvain will document the interface to it.

    • IB connection setup is slow (with both OOB and XOOB) -- which CM works correctly and scalably with XRC?

      IBCM and RDMACM to be tested

    • Memory pinning: UMMU notifier Revision r23113 merges cleanly into v1.5 (would want it in v1.5.1).

    Many more updates, among them:

  • Process Affinity

    • Paffinity understands (socket+core), Brad is working on expanding it to Hyperthreads and probably also boards (or "modules" or some better word)
    • Possibly add a "boards" layer to hwloc...? Don't know.
  • ->

    • Should be as non-disruptive as possible...
    • Gets rid of requirement of configure.params
    • Makes entry-bar to writing and adding a new component and is generally mo' betta.
    • Jeff/Ralph/Brian will be putting out docs with the changes (i.e., updating the existing wiki pages)
  • OMPI-v1.5

    • We would release v1.5 asap (as usual), last merges are being done. MTT testing is checked and we hope to release next week.


  • OPAL-Event Freshup, Jeff gave an overview on the work:

    • Our version of libevent within OMPI is quite old
    • The interface of libevent-2.0 has changed
    • The work of this topic has been revived, since the agenda for this meeting was written up
    • Has started again, since Ralph is getting thread-issues in ORTE, which seems to be due to libevent
    • Bitbucket created to add a new libevent:
    • Trying to translate into the new libevent API
    • There should be now only few crossing-points into libevent opal_event
    • The single-threaded ORTE would be supported as well.
  • Any further questions should be directed to Ralph et al.

  • Over-arching Thread Discussion:

    • The above is heavily related to the over-arching thread discussion
    • Bull does have some customer requests for MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE, but many of these may be reduced to one thread doing MPI without MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE
    • Cisco does not have a requirement for MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE at this time, but does for progress threads within ORTE.
    • HLRS has had some customer requests for MULTIPLE, but no real application using it
    • The labs may have some applications (e.g. mpqc), ORNL has some applications requiring MULTIPLE
    • IBM will be on the call, to ask what their requirements are (because they have been submitting threading patches for a while)
    • Even though some of the code-paths for Send-/Recv are thread-safe and checked, none of the other uninteresting functions are checked (MPI attributes, MPI info, etc.).
    • There's currently no documentation of the thread-design.
    • If nobody volunteers to do more thread work, let's drop the issue for now.
  • OPAL/ORTE/OMPI in other projects and third-party software:

    • There's other software projects requiring OPAL, and plugging into OMPI

    • At Cisco, there's ORCM on top of ORTE using OPAL, plus some other internal MCAs.

    • The interfaces were kept separate, one change that impacted others were the refactoring of some of the m4 changes.

    • The latest change in the line being the autogen Shell->Perl shift, which is almost done, and may be shared. Bitbucket:

    • Third-Party software:

      • VampirTrace and other software being pulled in
      • libevent2: will push up-stream some changes to make it easier for us to re-integrate. (renaming, question about their configure-stuff, ...)
      • ROMIO: See above
      • HWLOC: Made as easy SVN mirroring of Software as svn-external:
      • For HWLOC possibly (however, HTML pages and other huge amount of documentation... svn-ignore?)
      • For Vampirtrace: currently a script that pulls in the tar-ball
      • Had a discussion of whether to use svn:externals to pull in the others; Jeff is not convinced that it's useful. :-) Revisioning not clear, no head version available.
  • Point-to-point communication performance

    • SM BTL: we want to take into account topology
    • Want to move as few cache-lines as possible (we may be moving too many right now)
    • Additionally, our data-structures should be compacted, to help move as few cache lines as possible


    • Bull is looking into Knem (QA, functionality, etc.).
    • VMsplice has been checked a long time ago; perhaps it's better now...?
    • ORNL is looking into vmsplice and a few other direct-copy mechanisms. May need to revisit the knem integration in the sm btl.
  • Collectives:

    • Moving back ORNL collective work into trunk planned around Nov.
    • Code is a new MCA into coll called ml for multi-level
    • Two new additional frameworks to support: for hierarchy detection (sbgp for subgroups), and one to implement primitive collectives (bcoll for basic collectives, like fan-in, fan-out).
    • For shared-memory collectives, detect, whether one is on the same socket, and on the same "node".
    • Can use shared memory with dynamic processes.
    • Collectives to be released with Broadcast, Barrier, Allreduce.
    • Mode of maintaining: Patches should be Acked / funneled through original authors.


  • Overarching Thread-architecture discussion (recap):

    • With regard to OpenIB BTL, may be close to getting thread-safe

      Bull: application failed within MPI_Init_thread with MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE 1 in 10 times (with TCP) and 1 in 2 times (with OpenIB). Attribute this to ptmalloc; will try with UMMUNOTIFY.

      HLRS: had hangs within startup, when doing RML when enabling progress threads and MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE

    • Ping IBM, what their status is on the thread-safety work.

    • One user at HLRS made performance comparison of NetPipe and IMB with multiple MPIs

      IMB call MPI_Init_thread with MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE;

      openib BTL turns itselve off in that case without warning, so user reported benchmark numbers with IPoIB for ompi...

      Will submit a orte_show_help shortly.

    • Longer discussion on ompi/mpi/c/comm_set_errhandler.c Nicely shows the best requirements to atomically set a value. This may either be done as a standard macro OPAL_ATOMIC_SET. Ask George/Brian, what the result was with regard to other libraries, such as open-pa or libcpu? Why don't we have a OPAL_ATOMIC_SET?

  • MPI-2.2 and MPI-3.0 issues:

    • MPI-2.2 issues within Open MPI are known and documented in milestones and tickets
    • MPI-3.0:
      • Fortran changes: will have a meeting next week with Craig
      • MPI_Count is still under discussion
      • NBC Collectives is guarantueed.
      • RMA is not ready for a proposal yet
      • Hybrid is not ready for a proposal yet
      • FT is not ready for a proposal yet
      • Persistence is not ready for a proposal yet
      • Tools will have input, where OMPI is close: API to get the MCA parameter, and a similar API to get the performance data out
      • MPI_Mprobe is going into MPI-3.0: may be a little bit of work
    • The ones that make progress have a chance of being implemented in OMPI.
    • The first draft is in December Later amendments are planned for later.
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