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Open MPI Weekly Telcon

  • Dialup Info: (Do not post to public mailing list or public wiki)


  • Josh Hursey (IBM)
  • Jeff Squyres (Cisco)
  • Artem (Mellanox)
  • Edgar Gabriel (UofH)
  • George Bosilca (UTK)
  • Joshua Ladd (Mellanox)
  • Nathan Hjelm (LANL)
  • Ralph Castain (Intel)
  • Nathan Hjelm (LANL)
  • Todd Kordenbrock


Review All Open Blockers

Review v2.0.x Milestones v2.0.4

  • Nothing new to report.

Review v2.x Milestones v2.1.2

  • PR #4042
    • Also on v3.0.x in PR #4041
    • Ref Issue #3685
    • We were not hooking madvise, but we have to after investigation.
    • VMA cache (red-black) tree implementation needs a fix as well.
      • See commits in that PR for details. Problem with concurrent memory allocations leading to deadlock, and performance.
      • Currently this adds a stop gap measure.
      • Need to redesign of red-black tree implementation...
    • New MCA parameters to control the cache:
      • rcache_base_vma_tree_items_min to 2048
      • rcache_base_vma_tree_items_max to 16384
      • rcache_base_vma_tree_items_inc to 2048
  • Build issue reported to the OMPI users list:
  • RC for v2.1.2 by end of the week.

Review v3.0.x Milestones v3.0

Review Master Master Pull Requests

make[4]: Entering directory '/PATHTOTESTDIR/src/test/class'
PASS: opal_bitmap
FAIL: opal_hash_table
FAIL: opal_proc_table
FAIL: opal_tree
FAIL: opal_list
FAIL: opal_value_array
PASS: opal_pointer_array
FAIL: opal_lifo
FAIL: opal_fifo
Testsuite summary for Open MPI Run Time Environment gitclone
# TOTAL: 9
# PASS:  2
# SKIP:  0
# XFAIL: 0
# FAIL:  7
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0
See test/class/test-suite.log
Please report to

MTT / Jenkins Testing

Review Master MTT testing

MTT Dev status:

Jenkins CI

Exceptional topics

  • Next face-to-face meeting
    • Do we need another meeting before/around Nov?

Status Updates:

Status Update Rotation

  1. Mellanox, Sandia, Intel
  2. LANL, Houston, IBM, Fujitsu
  3. Amazon,
  4. Cisco, ORNL, UTK, NVIDIA

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