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Open MPI Weekly Telecon

  • Dialup Info: (Do not post to public mailing list or public wiki)


  • Geoff Paulsen
  • Jeff Squyres
  • Edgar Gabriel
  • Howard
  • Matthew Dosanjh (Sandia)
  • Mohan
  • Artem

--- A number of usuals not here today:

  • Brian
  • Edgar Gabriel
  • Geoffroy Vallee
  • Josh Ladd
  • akvenkatesh
  • Josh Hursey
  • Todd Kordenbrock
  • Nathan

Agenda/New Business

  • We Need a v3.1 release engineer to help Brian will send email to devel-core
  • MPI forum is in Portland in over a month.


Review All Open Blockers

Review v2.x Milestones v2.1.3

  • No chance to look at.
  • Lack of schedule and interest, this is Pushed back to March 1st.
  • Comm Spawn / Comm Spawn Multiple in Fortran - NOT a blocker.

Review v3.0.x Milestones v3.0.1

  • Schedule: RC2 posted.
    • Looking for feedback, thumbs up or down.
    • Will have an RC3 after a few more PRs are pulled in.
  • Paul Hargrove is running Regreesion tests on v3.0.1 RC2 target end of week.
    • tarballs somewhere other than directly on website?
    • Brian was talking about moving it to S3.
    • wgets on his machines are failing, because they don't understand the protocol. (SSL)
      • Howard asked him to open an issue.
  • New PR []
    • Should be pulled in.
    • Ralph sited another PR that Josh should put onto 4793 and 4794.
  • Issue - hwloc can't handle cuda from a different location
    • On Master specifically disabling hwloc cuda.
    • External component does NOT disable build, since
  • PR4677 - hwloc2 WIP, may need help with.

Review v3.1.x Milestones v3.1.0

    • RC2 posted last week.
    • PMIx v2.1.0 - merge in rc2 or wait for final?
      • Ralph says PMIx v2.1.0 final is this week.
    • Please download and test OMPI v3.1.x RC2.
  • Blocker on v3.1.x
    • Waiting on PMIx v2.1.0 final to pull in:
    • latest pull is 4746 - Still Open.
      • Name of PR is incorrect, now it's PR v2.1.0
    • OSC monitoring fix (doesn't build with Portals 4)
    • PR4731 against v3.1.x was closed instead of being merged.
      • Artem needs to double check.
      • PR4728 looks very similar and WAS actually merged in.
      • No PR needed for v3.0.x since only UCS + OSC is only on master, v3.1.x and master
    • Issue 4303
      • Probably just need to build a patch.

Review Master Master Pull Requests

  • 4760


  • Change behavior of opal_check_package
    • Brian will send email to devel
    • Make it more explicit when it finds issues
  • Issue Issue4423
  • When your PR has been accepted into a release branch, please go to the issue, and remove the target of the release branch that it was just merged into. Attempting to automate this in the future.

MTT / Jenkins Testing Dev

  • Issue MTT Issue614
    • Howard going to update Chrry PI server at AWS next week
    • Josh H had a better solution, but doesn't have cycles right now.

Review Master MTT testing

Abandoning OpenIB BTL

  • OLD Discuss abandoning openib btl.
    • Nathan has a UCX BTL
    • ETA on GPU in UCX - basic minus CUDA IPC is in test now.
    • Any warning message if on iWarp?
    • What's the roadmap for this? 3.x or 4.x?

Oldest PR

Oldest Issue

Status Updates:

Status Update Rotation

  1. Mellanox, Sandia, Intel
  2. LANL, Houston, IBM, Fujitsu
  3. Amazon,
  4. Cisco, ORNL, UTK, NVIDIA

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