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Open MPI Weekly Telecon

  • Dialup Info: (Do not post to public mailing list or public wiki)

Attendees (on Web-ex)

  • Geoff Paulsen
  • Ralph Castain
  • Brian Barrett
  • Edgar Gabriel
  • Howard Pritchard
  • Josh Hursey
  • Joshua Ladd
  • Michael Heinz (Intel)
  • Akshay Venkatesh (nVidia)
  • Thomas Naughton
  • Todd Kordenbrock

not there today (I keep this for easy cut-n-paste for future notes)

  • George Bosilca
  • Jeff Squyres
  • Noah Evans (Sandia)
  • Dan Topa
  • David Bernholdt
  • Mike Heinz (Intel)
  • Jake Hemstad
  • Matthew Dosanjh
  • Xin Zhao
  • Nathan Hjelm
  • Geoffroy Vallee
  • Matias Cabral
  • Aravind Gopalakrishnan (Intel)
  • Dan Topa (LANL)
  • Arm (UTK)
  • Peter Gottesman (Cisco)
  • mohan

Agenda/New Business

  • Vector Datatype

    • If you're using complicated data types for real things, it's important.
    • Should it be back ported to release branches? Perhaps not, since only one customer has hit.
    • Not a blocker for v4.0.1
  • Jeff opened a PR about StaleBot -

  • Host Ordering fix to v3.0.x, v3.1.x, v4.0.x

    • --host (and hostfile) on command line, the ordering of the hosts were not ordered.
    • This Fix went into master. Do we want to bring it back to release branches?
    • Everyone on call liked PRing this to release branches, but want to see what Brian and Howard think.
    • Not a backwards compatibility issues, since a specified ordering is a subset of a random ordering.
    • There is a PR for v4.0.x that Ralph and Jeff are iterating on. Unexpectedly large. Would be good to do this first.
  • OLD Giles openib issue:

    • No one had any thoughts on.
    • Would like Mellanox to chime in and let us know if it's needed in v4.0.x
  • OLD George did you get any follow up with Season of Documentation?

    • Some. Making man pages better and finding a way to link man pages with examples would be really awesome.

    • In libfabric they make man pages in Markdown, and then in make dist, they convert it to nroff.

    • For user facing APIs, they use Sphynx - convert Markdown in comments to user facing HTML man pages.

    • Face to Face was cancelled due to lack of agenda items.

  • OLD Noah described a new thread framework

    • two bits of cleverness. Static initializes, and need certain functions to be static inline.
    • Get an implementation defined header that gets installed in configure. (similar to libevents)
    • Two components: Argobots and pthreads.
    • Currently exclusive (only one component, since it installs a header at configure time).
      • Probably permanently.
    • Need to look at thread local storage.
    • Had to implement TLS on top of pthreads, Argobots has this already.
    • Request completion would be the most sensitive to having oversubscription.


Review All Open Blockers

Review v3.0.x Milestones v3.0.4

  • Release did not go out last week
  • Posting PRs to release this week 3.0.4

Review v3.1.x Milestones v3.1.4

  • Release did not go out last week
  • Posting PRs to release this week 3.1.4

Review v4.0.x Milestones v4.0.2

  • Release went out last week.
  • Josh Ladd please review PR6152 - delay UCX warning to add_procs
  • Josh Hursey Please review PR6508 - ensure nodes are always used in order.
    • This was being held for post v4.0.1 due to size
    • Ralph, was there any reason to add anything to PR6508?
      • Yes, it's not quite right.
  • Still waiting on some reviews.
  • Vader - cleanup, fixes the problem. Intel folks have verified that.


  • Schedule: Delaying post Summer ***
  • Discussion of schedule depends on scope discussion
    • if we want to separate Orte out for that? Would be a bit past summer.
    • Giles has a prototype of PRTE replacing ORTE
  • Want to open up release-manager elections.
    • Now that we're delaying, will decide at face2face.
  • Now the possibility of v4.1 from master is a possibility
    • If we instead do a v4.1, some things we'd need fixed on master.
  • will discuss more at face to face.
  • Brian and Ralph are meeting on the 18th
  • Ralph is putting out a doodle to discuss



  • Schedule sometime this summer will be v4.0.x
  • A few bugfix releases for v2 and v3 series. RC this week, and release sometime in April.
  • New standardization issue is destined for v5
  • There will be a new PMIx 3.1.3 which can be included into a future v4.0.x OMPI.
  • Take a look at Gile's PRTE work. He may have done SOME of that. He should have done that all in PRTE layer, maybe just some MPI layer work remains.


  • IBM still has 10% failure rate and build issue. Please fix!!!

New topics

  • MPI Forum - nothing too substantial. MPI_Sessions getting a lot of traction. Goal to get it done by next meeting. Need reading, and then vote, and another vote and another. So MPI Next would be in 2020 year. Language bindings, and some crazy proposals
  • Read MPI Forum link here:

face to face -

  • how do we get more participation, and make MTT more meaningful?

Review Master Master Pull Requests

  • didn't discuss today.

Review Master MTT testing

Oldest PR

Oldest Issue

Status Updates:

Status Update Rotation

  1. Mellanox, Sandia, Intel
  2. LANL, Houston, IBM, Fujitsu
  3. Amazon,
  4. Cisco, ORNL, UTK, NVIDIA

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