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Golang Microsoft Graph API implementation

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go-msgraph is a go lang implementation of the Microsoft Graph API. See Overview of Microsoft Graph


This implementation has been written to get various user, group and calendar details out of a Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Currently only READ-access is implemented, but you are welcome to add WRITE-support to it & backmerge it.


working & tested:

  • list users, groups, calendars, calendarevents
  • automatically grab & refresh token for API-access
  • json-load the GraphClient struct & initialize it
  • set timezone for full-day CalendarEvent
  • use $select, $search and $filter when querying data
  • context-aware API calls, can be cancelled.
  • loading huge data sets with paging, thanks to PR #20 - @Goorsky123



To get your credentials to access the Microsoft Graph API visit: Register an application with Azure AD and create a service principal

More examples can be found at the docs. Here's a brief summary of some of the most common API-queries, ready to copy'n'paste:

// initialize GraphClient manually
graphClient, err := msgraph.NewGraphClient("<TenantID>", "<ApplicationID>", "<ClientSecret>")
if err != nil {
    fmt.Println("Credentials are probably wrong or system time is not synced: ", err)

// List all users
users, err := graphClient.ListUsers()
// Gets all the detailled information about a user identified by it's ID or userPrincipalName
user, err := graphClient.GetUser("")
// List all groups
groups, err := graphClient.ListGroups()
// List all members of a group.
groupMembers, err := groups[0].ListMembers()
// Lists all Calendars of a user
calendars, err := user.ListCalendars()

// Let all full-day calendar events that are loaded from ms graph be set to timezone Europe/Vienna:
// Standard is time.Local
msgraph.FullDayEventTimeZone, _ = time.LoadLocation("Europe/Vienna")

// Lists all CalendarEvents of the given userPrincipalName/ID that starts/ends within the the next 7 days
startTime := time.Now()
endTime := time.Now().Add(time.Hour * 24 * 7)
events, err := graphClient.ListCalendarView("", startTime, endTime)

Versioning & backwards compatibility

This project uses Semantic versioning with all tags prefixed with a v. Altough currently the case, I cannot promise to really keep everything backwards compatible for the 0.x version. If a 1.x version of this repository is ever released with enough API-calls implemented, I will keep this promise for sure. Any Breaking changes will be marked as such in the release notes of each release.


I recommend to use go modules and always use the latest tagged release. You may directly download the source code there, but the preffered way to install and update is with go get:

# Initially install
go get
# Update
go get -u
go mod tidy


There is some example code placed in the docs/ folder. The code itself is pretty well documented with comments, hence see or run:





Golang implementation of the Microsoft Graph API







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