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The Open Organization Guide for Educators

This respository contains files related to The Open Organization Guide for Educators, a volume in the community-produced Open Organization book series.

About the book

Organizations everywhere are becoming more open—and more innovative, agile, and engaged as a result. But can we say the same of our educational organizations?

What if we could build classrooms, departments, or entire educational institutions on the same values that power the open source communities? What if we could infuse open principles—like transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community—into reimagined educational organizations? How might that change the ways educators prepare students for life in an increasingly open world?

This volume of the Open Organization book series explores those questions.

Three principal sections comprise the book:

  1. Visions, chapters about the power, potential, and promise open principles hold for reimagining and reinventing modern educational organizations

  2. Case studies, examples of experimental and innovative initiatives aimed at making educational organizations more open

  3. Activities, step-by-step practices for introducing and scaling open principles in education

As per guidelines in this repository, all material included in this book is licensed via a Creative Commons license.


Want to submit a chapter to the book?

First, review the working table of contents to see what others have already agreed to contribute.

Next, simply open an issue and describe the contribution you'd like to make, and an editor will get in touch with you.

Project timeline

May 31: All initial chapter drafts due
July 12: All final chapter drafts due
July 26: Book title, subtitle, and promotional description finalized
August 23: Book cover finalized
August 26: Book interior finalized
August 30: All promotional materials finalized
September 10: Book official launch

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