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The Open Organization Leaders Manual, Second Edition

This respository contains files related to The Open Organization Leaders Manual, Second Edition, a community-produced companion to Jim Whitehurst's The Open Organization (Harvard Business Review Press).

About the book

In The Open Organization Leaders Manual, a community of open-minded writers, consultants, speakers, and educators explains how those same open principles can help leaders refine their approaches to setting goals, building organizational cultures, and motivating teams. Newly revised and significantly expanded in its second edition, this book is for anyone interested in building more transparent, agile, collaborative, and mission-driven organizations.

Repository contents

In this repository, please find:

  • The book's cover (in .jpg format)
  • A "binary" copy of the book (in .pdf format)
  • "Source code" for the book (in .odt format)
  • An e-book copy of the book (in .epub format) for reading on an e-reader, tablet, or other compatible device.

Please contact with comments, suggestions, and feedback.

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