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The Open Organization Leaders Manual

This respository contains files related to The Open Organization Leaders Manual, a community-produced companion to Jim Whitehurst's The Open Organization (Harvard Business Review Press).

About the book

In this exciting new volume, the community forming around Whitehurst's insights shares advice for leaders wishing to alter their attitudes, change their habits, and build the workplace of the future. The Open Organization Leaders Manual is a handbook for anyone attempting to harness the power of openness to lead teams that are more transparent, agile, collaborative, and mission-driven.

Licensed for sharing and modification under a Creative Commons license, the book collects cutting-edge ideas about the ways open source values are changing the ways we work, manage, and lead.

Repository contents

In this repository, please find:

  • The book's cover (in .jpg and .pdf formats)
  • A "binary" copy of the book (in .pdf format)
  • "Source code" for the book (in .odt format)

Please contact with comments, suggestions, and feedback.