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The Open Organization Guide for Educators

This respository contains files related to The Open Organization Guide for Educators, a volume in the community-produced Open Organization book series.

About the book

Organizations everywhere are becoming more open—and more innovative, agile, and engaged as a result. But can we say the same of our educational organizations?

What if we could build classrooms, departments, or entire educational institutions on the same values that power open source communities? What if we let open organization principles—like transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community—guide our experiments in transforming education? How might that change the ways educators prepare students for life in an increasingly open world?

In The Open Organization Guide for Educators, more than two dozen advocates for open education explore these important questions. Students, K‒12 teachers, university faculty, campus CIOs, and leaders of educational non-profits unite to explain the power and promise of a more student-centered, participatory, and inclusive approach to 21st century teaching and learning.

Repository contents

In this repository, please find:

  • The book's cover (in .jpg format)
  • A "binary" copy of the book (in .pdf format)
  • "Source code" for the book (in .odt format)
  • An e-book copy of the book (in .epub format) for reading on an e-reader, tablet, or other compatible device.

Please contact with comments, suggestions, and feedback.


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