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The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change

This respository contains files related to The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change, a community-produced companion to Jim Whitehurst's 2015 book, The Open Organization (Harvard Business Review Press).

The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change is part of the Open Organization book series.

About the book

The pace of business is accelerating, and organizations are demanding more from their information technology teams. They need IT departments that act as hubs of innovation, not just cost centers.

As IT teams around the world rise to these new challenges, they're realizing that radical change isn't a matter of tools alone. It's also a matter of culture—the values that underpin behaviors, influence problem-solving capability, and facilitate truly revolutionary potential. Those values are open values.

And forward-thinking IT organizations are leveraging those principles. They're becoming more transparent, more collaborative, more mission-driven, and more agile to transform the way they work. In this book, more than 20 contributors from open source communities, companies, and projects offer hard-won lessons and practical advice for creating a more open IT department—one that can deliver better, faster results and unparalleled business value.

Repository contents

In this repository, please find:

  • The book's cover (in .jpg, .pdf, and .tif formats)
  • A promotional image (in .png format)
  • A "binary" copy of the book (in .pdf format)
  • "Source code" for the book (in .odt format)