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Dec 21, 2017

Openpay iOS

No Maintenance Intended

DEPRECATED⛔️ Please use our Swift library instead:

iOS objective-c library for tokenizing credit/debit card and collect device information

Current version: v2.0.1

Looking for Swift Version? Checkout: (

Please refer to the following documentation sections for field documentation:


  • iOS SDK 9.3+
  • ARC
  • WebKit.framework


  • Download the latest released version (
  • Add openpay library (Openpay.a)
    • Go to General -> Linked Framework and Libraries
    • Click "Add items"
    • In the popup, click "Add Other..." option
    • Select the file "Openpay.a" and click "Open"
  • Add webkit framework
    • Go to General -> Linked Framework and Libraries
    • Search for "WebKit.framework", select it and click "Add"


Option A

  • Copy all the .h files (Openpay.h, OPCard.h, OPAddress.h, OPToken.h) in the include folder of your project.

The includes folder is automatically included in the project's header search path.

If you copy the files to a location other than includes you'll probably need to add the path to User Header Search Paths in your project settings.

Option B

  • If the include folder does not exist, then you have to add the files to the project folder.
    • Right click on the project folder and select the option "Add files to ..."
    • In the popup, select the files (Openpay.h, OPCard.h, OPAddress.h, OPToken.h), check the option "Copy items if needed" and click "add"


#import "Openpay.h"

Create a instance object

For create an instance Openpay needs:

  • MerchantId
  • Public API Key
#define MERCHANT_ID @"merchantId"
#define API_KEY @"apiKey"

@property (nonatomic) Openpay *openpay;

- (void)myFunction {
    _openpay = [[Openpay alloc] initWithMerchantId:MERCHANT_ID apyKey:API_KEY isProductionMode:NO];

Production Mode

Use isProductionMode = YES

@property (nonatomic) Openpay *openpay;

- (void)myFunction {
    _openpay = [[Openpay alloc] initWithMerchantId:MERCHANT_ID apyKey:API_KEY isProductionMode:YES];

Create a SessionID

The framework contains a function for generate a device sessionID.

@property (nonatomic) Openpay *openpay;
@property NSString *sessionId;

- (void)myFunction {
    _openpay = [[Openpay alloc] initWithMerchantId:MERCHANT_ID apyKey:API_KEY isProductionMode:NO];
    _sessionId = [_openpay createDeviceSessionId];

Create a token

For more information about how to create a token, please refer to [Create a token] (

With only required fields
@property (nonatomic) Openpay *openpay;

- (void)myFunction {
    OPCard *card = [[OPCard alloc]init];
    card.holderName = @"Juan Escamilla";
    card.number = @"4111111111111111";
    card.expirationMonth = @"08";
    card.expirationYear = @"19";
    card.cvv2 = @"132";
    _openpay = [[Openpay alloc] initWithMerchantId:MERCHANT_ID apyKey:API_KEY isProductionMode:NO];
    [_openpay createTokenWithCard:card success:^(OPToken *token) {} failure:^(NSError *error) {}];

Remove Unused Architectures (for production only)

The universal library will run on both simulators and devices. But there is a problem, Apple doesn’t allow to upload the application with unused architectures to the App Store.

Please make sure that you have "Remove Unused Architectures Script" added in your project while releasing your app to App Store.

  • Select the Project -> Choose Target -> Project Name -> Select Build Phases -> Press "+" -> New Run Script Phase -> Name the script as "Remove Unused Architectures Script".
for ARCH in $ARCHS
lipo -o "$FRAMEWORK_EXECUTABLE_PATH-merged" -create "${EXTRACTED_ARCHS[@]}"

Thats all !. This run script removes the unused simulator architectures only while pushing the application to the App Store.

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