Templates for starting new open-physiology projects (one git branch per distinct template)
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This is a project template used for creating new JavaScript based projects under the open-physiology organisation.

Note: This is the base template. Check out the branches of this repository to see if there are any more specific templates you should be using.

To use this template for a new project, it's best to duplicate it, rather than just copy the files. That way, the original git history is preserved, and changes made to this template can be merged into derived projects at a later stage:

  • Create the new repository on GitHub
  • In a terminal, create a bare clone of this template repository:
    $ git clone --bare --single-branch --branch master https://github.com/open-physiology/project-template.git
  • Then push it to the new repository as follows (replace <new-repo> with the name of the new repo):
    $ cd project-template.git
    $ git push https://github.com/open-physiology/<new-repo>.git master:master
  • You can now remove the temporary local clone:
    $ cd ..
    $ rm -rf project-template.git
  • Make a working copy of the new repo to actually start working on it (replace <new-repo>) (alternatively, use your IDE):
    $ git clone https://github.com/open-physiology/<new-repo>.git
  • Do a search/replace across the whole project (not just src) to replace project-template with the name of the new repo.
  • Replace the example code, example documentation and example tests with real code, real documentation and real tests.
  • Run the init-repo.js script from the open-physiology/open-physiology-scripts to add the proper labels and milestones.
  • Go to the ZenHub Board and merge the new repo into the board.
  • Add the new repo to the list at the central hub.