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Open Policy Agent - Contributions

This repository holds integrations, examples, and proof-of-concepts that work with the Open Policy Agent (OPA) project.

Examples and Integrations

For a comprehensive list of integrations, see the OPA ecosystem page.


If you have built an integration, example, or proof-of-concept on top of OPA that you would like to release to the community, feel free to submit a Pull Request against this repository. Please create a new top-level directory containing:

  • A explaining what your integration does
  • A Makefile to build your integration

Building and Releasing

Most integrations include a top-level Makefile with two targets:

  • build - compiles/lints/tests the integration
  • push - builds the integration and publishes artifacts

Many of the integrations produce one or more Docker images. These Docker images can be pushed to the repository (assuming you are authorized.)

The Makefile in this directory contains build and push targets to build and push all integrations.