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This directory contains a Kafka authorizer plugin that uses OPA to enforce policy decisions.


To build the plugin, you must have Docker installed. If you want to build without Docker mvn install should be enough but requires that you have Java and Maven installed on your system.

Run make build to build and package the plugin.

The JARs required to run the plugin will written to ./target/kafka-authorizer-opa-<VERSION>-package/share/java/kafka-authorizer-opa.


Include the following JAR files in the Kafka classpath:

  • kafka-authorizer-opa-<VERSION>.jar
  • gson-2.8.2.jar

Enable the plugin by adding the following to com.lbg.kafka.opa.OpaAuthorizer

The plugin supports the following properties:

Property Key Example Description
opa.authorizer.url http://opa:8181/v1/data/kafka/authz/allow Name of the OPA policy to query.
opa.authorizer.allow.on.error false Fail-closed or fail-open if OPA call fails.
opa.authorizer.cache.initial.capacity 100 Initial decision cache size.
opa.authorizer.cache.maximum.size 100 Max decision cache size. 600000 Decision cache expiry in milliseconds.


The OPA policy should return a boolean value indicating whether the action should be allowed (true) or denied (false).

The plugin provides input data describing the principal, operation, and resource.

# Example principle information.
input.session.principal.principalType = "User" = "ANONYMOUS"
input.session.clientAddress = ""
input.session.sanitizedUser = "ANONYMOUS"

# Example operation information. = "ClusterAction"

# Example resource information. = "Cluster" = "kafka-cluster"

The following table summarizes the supported resource types and operation names.
Cluster ClusterAction
Cluster Create
Cluster Describe
Group Read
Group Describe
Topic Alter
Topic Delete
Topic Describe
Topic Read
Topic Write
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