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tsandall Update to support OPA v0.15 calling convention
Signed-off-by: Torin Sandall <>
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app.js Update to support OPA v0.15 calling convention Nov 17, 2019

Simple opa-wasm node application

The application is in app.js and shows loading a *.wasm file, initializing the policy, and evaluating it with input.

Install dependencies

This requires the opa-wasm package, see package.json for details.

npm install

Build the WebAssembly binary for the example policy:

There is an example policy included with the example, see example.rego

opa build -d example.rego 'data.example = x'

Run the example Node JS code that invokes the Wasm binary:

node app.js '{"message": "world"}'
node app.js '{"message": "not-world"}'
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