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Appendix - G Configuring Management Access on the Lenovo G8052 and Mellanox SX1410

For the Lenovo G8052 switch, the following commands can be used to configure management access on interface 1. Initially the switch should be configured with a serial cable so as to avoid loss of communication with the switch when configuring management access. Alternately you can configure a second management interface on a different subnet and vlan.

Enable configuration mode and create vlan:

RS 8052> enable
RS 8052# configure terminal
RS 8052 (config)# vlan 16     (sample vlan #)
RS G8052(config-vlan)# enable
RS G8052(config-vlan)# exit

Enable IP interface mode for the management interface:

RS 8052 (config)# interface ip 1

Assign a static ip address, netmask and gateway address to the management interface. This must match the address specified in the config.yml file (keyname: ipaddr-mgmt-switch:) and be in a different subnet than your cluster management subnet. Place this interface in the above created vlan:

RS 8052 (config-ip-if)# ip address (example IP address)
RS 8052 (config-ip-if)# ip netmask
RS 8052 (config-ip-if)# vlan 16
RS 8052 (config-ip-if)# enable
RS 8052 (config-ip-if)# exit

Configure the default gateway and enable the gateway:

ip gateway 1 address  (example ip address)
ip gateway 1 enable

Note: if you are SSH'd into the switch on interface 1, be careful not to cut off access if changing the ip address. If needed, additional management interfaces can be set up on interfaces 2, 3 or 4.

For the Mellanox switch, the following commands can be used to configure the MGMT0 management port;

switch (config) # no interface mgmt0 dhcp

switch (config) # interface mgmt0 ip address <IP address> <netmask>

For the Mellanox switch, the following commands can be used to configure an in-band management interface on an existing vlan ; (example vlan 10)

switch (config) # interface vlan 10

switch (config interface vlan 10) # ip address /24

To check the config;

switch (config) # show interfaces vlan 10