System initialization firmware for Power systems
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crgeddes and dcrowell77 Reset ATTR_SPCWKUP_COUNT to 0 at start of MPIPL
We were seeing issues in the newly added PM_RESET call in istep 21.
This was happening because if the SKIP_WAKEUP attribute is not set
then PM_RESET will attempt to enable special_wakeup on all of the
EX targets before enabling auto-special wakeup. We are then expecting
special wakeup done bit to be set on all of th EX targets prior
to enabling auto-special wakeup on the target. IF SPCWKUP_COUNT is
still set to a non-zero value from the previous IPL the call to
enable special_wakeup will result in a no-op so the special wkup
done bit will never be set in the GPMMR. This causes to call to
enable auto-special wakeup  to fail

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