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Latest commit d94bb8c Jan 23, 2017 @sammj sammj process: Cancel all asynchronous jobs on reinit
If an asynchronous job is running over a reinit, the process can return
and run its callback function after the reinit. This becomes a problem
if the callback function accesses pointers that were only valid before
the reinit (eg. device structs).
If a reinit is requested explicitly stop all active asynchronous jobs
and clear their callback functions before the reinit.

Signed-off-by: Samuel Mendoza-Jonas <>
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discover process: Cancel all asynchronous jobs on reinit Jan 31, 2017
m4 Add support for GPG signature enforcement on booted Aug 26, 2016
po po: Update Makevars to match Makevars.template Mar 22, 2016
ui ui/ncurses: Display IP address in nc-sysinfo Dec 20, 2016
utils utils: Rename 30-dtb_updates to 30-dtb-updates Oct 19, 2016
COPYING Add GPL Apr 5, 2007
INSTALL autotools: Use non-recursive make Aug 1, 2014 Add README file Aug 8, 2016
TODO Remove completed items from TODO Sep 12, 2007
bootstrap autotools: Make petitboot autoreconfable Jul 16, 2014 discover/paths: Parse Busybox progress information Dec 20, 2016 Fix in-tree case and allow external variables Apr 5, 2016

Petitboot - A kexec-based bootloader

Petitboot is a bootloader designed to run in a Linux environment for OPAL on PowerPC/POWER machines and the Playstation 3.


Petitboot's home is at; clone it with git clone git://

Development and discussion occurs on the Petitboot mailing list:


For an example of building Petitboot for distribution in a Linux image, see op-build

To build locally for development/debug (with the ncurses UI for example):

./configure --with-twin-x11=no --with-twin-fbdev=no