A collection of SVG pictograms representing economic activity as classified by the NACE business sector classification
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NACE Economic Activity Visuals

A collection of SVG pictograms representing economic activity as classified by the NACE business sector classification.

NACE stands for "Nomenclature statistique des activités économiques dans la Communauté européenne", that is, the Statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community. It is a four-digit classification providing the framework for collecting and presenting a large range of statistical data according to economic activity in the fields of economic statistics (e.g. production, employment and national accounts) and in other statistical domains developed within the European statistical system (ESS).

Example Usage

The pictograms represent the highest level classifications (21 in total), coded also by letters A through U in NACE Rev. 2.


A_Agriculture A Agriculture

B_Mining B Mining

C_Manufacture C Manufacture

D_Electricity D Electricity

E_Water E Water

F_Construction F Construction

G_Trading G Trading

H Transport H Transport

I_Accomodation I Accomodation


K_Finance K Finance

L_RealEstate L Real Estate

M_Professional M Professional

N_Administrative N Administrative

O_PublicSector O Public sector

P_Education P Education

Q_Health Q Health

R_Recreation R Recreation

S_OtherServices S Other Services

T_Households T Households

U_NGO U Supranational Entities


  • Readme.md, this file
  • Catalog.ods, spreadsheet with brief description of each pictogram and attribution of sources (where applicable)
  • version_1.0/pictograms/circular/*.svg, collection of pictograms with circular border
  • version_1.0/pictograms/square/*.svg, collection of pictograms with square border


Creative Commons Commercial, Attribution, Share-alike

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Licensees may distribute derivative works only under a license identical ("not more restrictive") to the license that governs the original work. (See also copyleft.) Without share-alike, derivative works might be sublicensed with compatible but more restrictive license clauses, e.g. CC BY to CC BY-NC.)