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OpenRPC Client Generators for multiple languages.
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OpenRPC Generator: Client

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Multi-language client generator tool for open-rpc APIs. Developers generate a client by passing an OpenRPC Document to this tool which generates a client based on the supported language templates.

overview diagram

Supported client languages:


$ npm install -g @open-rpc/generator-client


$ open-rpc-generator-client --help
Usage: open-rpc-generator-client [options]

  -v, --version                      output the version number
  -d, --document [openrpcDocument]   JSON string or a Path/Url pointing to an open rpc schema (default: "./openrpc.json")
  -o, --outputDir [outputDirectory]  output directory that the clients will be generated into (default: "./")
  --ts-name [packageName]            Name that will go in the package.json for the typescript client (default: "template-client")
  --rs-name [crateName]              Name that will go in the crate name for the rust client (default: "template-client")
  -h, --help                         output usage information

Generating a Client

$ open-rpc-generator-client \

Using the open-rpc-generator-client command, then passing an example OpenRPC document petstore-openrpc.json in the directory of Petstore.

The generator client tool creates the client directories by language. E.i: rust/ for generated Rust client and typescript for generated Typescript (JavaScript) client. A developer can choose which client language they want to use from here.


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