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Provides a mock JSON-RPC API given an OpenRPC document.
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Provides a mock JSON-RPC API with Service Discovery for a given OpenRPC document.



Installing the open-rpc-mock-server in your local project.

npm install --save @open-rpc/mock-server


Optimize usage by adding script for open-rpc-mock-server in package.json.

"scripts": {
    "mock-server": "open-rpc-mock-server"

The mock-server will look for an openrpc.json document in the working directory that contains a valid OpenRPC based API. Otherwise the mock-server will return an error message.

Run mock-server

npm run mock-server

The mock-server will run at http://localhost:3333/.

Sending requests

With the mock-server running at http://localhost:3333/, use Postman to send requests against the API.



How to contribute, build and release are outlined in, and respectively. Commits in this repository follow the specification.

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