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👋 Welcome to! is a primary online resource for the OpenRPC community. It is improved and changed over time through the contributions of community members who submit content, give feedback, or volunteer their time to managing its evolution.

If you’re interested in helping to improve, start here. This contribution guide will help you get started.’s design and content is guided by three core principles:

🌏 1. is a portal to resources created by the community

  • It will never be “encyclopedia open-rpc” - we can’t add every link, or cover every topic
  • Rather, its purpose is to direct people to community-built resources
  • will always have minimal native-content

🛠 2. is a work in progress, because OpenRPC is a work in progress

  • We expect it to change over time, including both content and design
  • To accommodate long-term changes, the site has a simple modular structure that will let us add or remove subpages

🧙 3. is not a typical product website

  • is a representation of our OpenRPC community, and a starting point for those who want to join it, use it, and contribute to it.
  • should not be a traditional product website. There is no sales pitch.

How can I contribute?

Keeping in mind the above core principles, there are many ways you can get involved in improving the website!

  • Check out the issues page and see if there are any you can help with!
  • Submit links to add to specific sections that are incomplete, by submitting a pull-request
  • Identify out-of-date information on (or linked to from and submit a pull-request
  • Suggest ideas for new subpages, new content, or other ways to improve by opening an issue.

Notes on individual sub-pages:

If you want to suggest changes to particular sub-pages, keep in mind the purpose of each page:

🛠 Developers

  • The purpose of this page is to collect core technical resources helpful to someone building on OpenRPC
  • Information should be kept as up to date as possible, as new tools appear, standards are adopted, or material is deprecated
  • This page will never be completely comprehensive: the goal is to list the most popular or widely used resources or tools.

📚 Learn

  • The purpose of this page is to collect educational material about OpenRPC on a variety of topics
  • Some information will be technical in nature, but it will also include non-technical information, or articles that may serve as inspiration to community members

📱 Use

  • This page is for the person who wants to get started using OpenRPC, but doesn’t know how.

👋 Beginners

  • The purpose of this page is to offer a coherent answer to the most basic questions about OpenRPC: what is it, and why does it exist?
  • Because this page is very simple and does not contain much content, changes to the text will be limited.
  • Useful contributions include: suggesting better “beginner” content to link at the bottom of the page, or suggesting images that could be added to the page to break up the text.



  • Download node.js & npm
  • Download Git Bash
  • Download the master branch
  • Navigate to the open-rpc folder
  • Right click and select Git Bash Here


# In the root folder:
npm run dev

open http://localhost:8080


# In the root folder:
npm run build

The build should be exported to /docs/.vuepress/dist which can be deployed to a static host. We are hosting the site on github pages via the deploy script below.


# In the root folder:


Site content is in /docs folder. Everything else in /docs/.vuepress

This repo was originally forked from

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