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gather and create material available to promote research data management and open FAIR data (video, images, comics,...), also available on dat ¬ dat://30241d3351ff12f514e22fead851cc7d047d30439b45c4b2ff1d75cf57f9342b
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This is an open project to gather and expand material for the promotion of good RDM (research data management) practice


Netlify Status

Everyone is warmly welcome and expected to warmly welcome others. Please have a look at our code of conduct for details, and report any misconduct. For an better description of the project and our aims, please browse our website at

We thrive on open science principles in this project and therefore:

  1. We publish our results, as soon as we produce them.
  2. We foster collaboration, hoping no others will do the same work independently.
  3. A data management plan has been elaborated.
  4. The data produced/collected has been published under a CC0 or CC-By license.


You have different ways to contribute to this project. While you may simply send documents, remarks or issues by email (see contact page on the website), my experience tells that using the github issue functions work better on the long term. (Simply click the "issue" link and you may add comments or create new issues there). On the other hand, you may want to bring more direct contributions using the pull request feature of github (please visit for a good and fast introduction about these functionalities if you are new to github).

Special help needed

  1. We need to create a metadata scheme for our material, please see and comment the issue #3

Gathering existing material

  1. Enter a link to your favorite video, image, comics,... in this google sheet

  2. You may enter detailed information for each entry following the spreadsheet format

  3. You may download the material and add it to this repo using github functionality (inside the website_build/material folder). That folder is organised following the license attached to each piece of material.

2 Gathering case studies

We would like to gather stories and strategies RDM specialists are using for the promotion of their work. Please do share your expertise with the world. What you write will be analysed to find key topics and punch lines for the promotion material. Please indicate is what license you want to be attached to your writing (CC0 or CC-BY).

Send us an email or comment issue 4: The text will then be published as a blog post on the website.

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