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Facilitating peer to peer eschange of transgenic fruit flies between lab, an open source project.

After the failure to create this via a closed source software and a company (Drososhare GmbH), we are here trying to re-apply the principes with an open source philosophy.

This project is related to the project, which focus on data quality, and data export for manuscripts.

The problems in fly sharing:

  • Flies absent from stock centers are difficult to source and obtain.
  • Specific combinations of transgenes are not accessible. Researchers are therefore reproducing them instead of ordering them.
  • Fly providers spend too much time looking in their stock list, when asked for a specific line.
  • There is no automation of the order system, a lot of unnecessary emails are sent back and forth to gatherr all the informations (addresses, correct names, additional information about the lines,...)

Our solution pack (subject to change):

Fed from my experience with Drososhare, I propose this development line, please feel welcome to comment, criticise and correct.

free open source software (in develoment)

  • request a specific fly lines:

    • request is filled with Flybase nomenclature, and synonyms
    • request enter a specific database/website
    • request is forwarded to twitter, FLYslack and specific email addresses (obtained from flybase: correponding authors of last publication with that construct)
  • automatic flystock cleaner:

    • uplaod list as a spreadsheet
    • read FB number
    • create new columns with flybase data
    • New entries can be made via importing the orders to stock centers
  • fly stock list sharing:

    • stock list sent to an open database
    • each entry gets a random id
    • the correspondance of this id and information about the lab is sent to a secured database [1].
    • request can be sent automatically to the lab if their is a hit.
  • Flybase integration

    • clean entries in the open database are incorporated in flybase for one-click ordering

[1] Who should control and have access to this database should be discussed. Potential candidates are flybase, BDRC, or a third party company.

Additional, manual (not free) services

(can be carried out by free-lance data managers or students)

  • manual search for the lines
  • stock list cleansing

Wanna help? We are welcoming any volunteer

See the contributing documentation for information on how to contribute. There is also the roadmap for an overview of the goals and timelines. Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

The current team


Since part of the project will be software, the MIT liscence was used for the repo. The content of the data folder is under a CC0 1.0 license.


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