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Open-Registry Logo

Open-Registry - Open JavaScript Module Registry


Preliminary npm proxy:

LiberaPay for donations:

A user-focused registry of JavaScript libraries used, organized and funded by the community

Features of Open-Registry

  • Serves a mirror of the npm Registry (
  • Community funded
  • Governed by the community
  • Sole focus on providing a library registry

Try it out

Wanna see how it's performing? You can try it out by using as the registry config in your preferred client.

# npm
npm config set registry

# yarn
yarn config set registry

Why Open-Registry?

Rather than relying on private, for-profit companies to host all of our programing libraries (such as npm Inc hosting the npm Registry), we should move towards a different model where the stability and durability of the registry does not depend on a company but the community who is the user of the registry.

If we as a community can come together and fund our own registry, we'll have full control of what the registry should be and how long we can make it last.

The initial idea is to setup a full mirror of npm and serve it to the public.

All the metrics will be public and viewable by anyone, and same with the data in the registry itself.

This will of course need to be paid for, which will also be public. All the payments and bills that will occur because of Open-Registry, will be publicly trackable, and also the income which will be by donations.

So, it's time for developers to put their money where their mouth is, and start prove that a self-organizing community can self-care about it's needs.

Metrics Interface

What would you want to know?

  • Number of instances for hosting
  • How many errors are happening currently?
  • How many packages is the registry serving currently?
  • How many of those are cached?
  • How far back are we from the npm registry?

Some Handy Links