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Open-Registry Roadmap

Notice: Preliminary + not ordered

  • Test-Matrix of projects
    • Pick top 10 JS projects that works with npm + yarn + pnpm (react doesn't)
  • Governance setup
    • Finalize document
    • Have at least other person in Leadership
    • Finish Contributing guidelines
  • Infrastructure
    • At least one more person with access to infrastructure
    • Provision scripts can run with local VM
  • Financing setup
    • See historic expenses per day/month/year
    • See historic income per day/month/year
    • See current expected expenses
    • See current expected income
  • Metrics website
    • Lists everything publicly about the platform/application
  • Landing website
  • Finance website
  • Documentation website
    • Publish /docs directory under
  • Specifications for GET metadata + tarball
  • Federation specification
  • Specification for POST /publish
  • Specification for migration auth from npm registry

Future Roadmap

Items that are we're aiming to work on, but placing them in the future

  • Cryptographically signed packages
  • Decentralized hosting where many operators can contribute to hosting securely
  • Aims to be adopted by the OpenJS Foundation (or similar)
  • - OpenJS = merge of the Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation
  • At least as fast as the npm registry in four key regions (Europe, North + South America and Asia)
  • Verified modules (auto+manually inspected modules)
    • build-server for modules
  • Offer hosting for more registries than just npm