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About cps_stage2

This directory contains the following script:

  • Python script stage2.py, which reads/writes:

    Input files:

    • ../cps_data/cps_raw.csv.gz
    • ../puf_stage1/Stage_I_factors.csv
    • ../cps_stage1/stage_2_factors.csv

    Output files:

    • cps_weights.csv.gz


Our extrapolation and weighting methodology for the CPS file is almost identical to the methods used for the PUF.

We begin by extrapolating individual data points using the same growth rates that we use for the PUF. We then apply a linear programming model to adjust the weights on the CPS to ensure that certain aggregate targets are hit. The CPS weighting process uses these aggregate targets:

  • Single Returns
  • Joint Returns
  • Returns Claiming Social Security
  • Number of Dependent Exemptions
  • Interest Income (both taxable and not)
  • Ordinary Dividends
  • Business Income
  • Pensions
  • Social Security Income
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Wages for those with AGI less than or equal to $10,000