workshop materials for a "how to contribute to open source" workshop for researchers
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Open source for researchers - open source workshop

Are you a researcher who writes code for your work, and would like to learn more about better software practices in open source software? This repository contains lessons to teach you the basics of version control using Git, GitHub, and GitHub desktop. Once we're comfortable using Git to commit, pull, and push code, we'll discuss the basics of a good quality open source project. Finally, we'll work together on a collaborative repository to get experience working collaboratively on GitHub, and making your first steps towards contributing towards open source.


This repo is free to use and re-use, under the MIT License.

To view the content, visit

Contributions, suggestions, and bug reports are extremely welcome - please create an issue.


To participate in this workshop you should have GitHub Desktop and Atom installed.

Dates this has been delivered in-person

  • 2018-09-18: Polar Software Workshop, UCL
  • 2018-11-28: Sheffield see schedule and slides