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Reactype v14.0.0

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@yijunliu90 yijunliu90 released this 02 Mar 17:32
· 402 commits to master since this release

Added functionality & improvements:

  • Event listeners:
    • Added ability to assign event listeners to elements in the bottom customization tab
    • Can name the function on the event or use the default name provided
    • Updates reflected in the code preview render
  • Live code preview: Bottom tool tabs code preview box updates immediately and automatically to reflect the latest changes in state
  • Converted the annotation button into a delete button on the canvas elements and reusable components
  • Code preview render: The formatting for generated code has been corrected for improved readability

Major UI changes:

  • Left panel:
    • Only display when mouse hovered over
    • When extended, floats in front of the canvas without affecting the main window formatting
  • Bottom panel
    • Retractable feature added
    • Has internal scroll ability in the tabs
    • Resized functionality is stable
  • Added indicator tabs to each signifying to the user their presence
  • Canvas container (upper left):
    • Changed the formatting to a center column with readable size and label orientation
    • Standardized the size of components and rate of growth when nesting
  • Tutorial:
    • Users can now reference tutorials in split-screen mode without the canvas being auto-cleared when going back and forth from the tutorial

Bug fixes:

  • Reusable component: The drag-and-drop feature for reusable components is now functioning smoothly and without bugs

Note for Mac users: After opening the dmg and dragging ReacType into your Applications folder, ctrl+click the icon and select 'Open' from the context menu to run the app. This extra step is necessary since we don't have an Apple developer license yet. If you are given a warning that Apple could not scan the app. Please follow these聽steps.