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Open Knowledge Directory for individuals and organizations

Live instance

About Open Steps

Open Steps is an independent blog aggregating worldwide information around Open Cultures in form of articles, videos and other resources. Its aim is to document Open Knowledge (OK) related projects and organisations either using Open Data, promoting Open Source technologies, launching Open Government initiatives, following the principles behind Open Science, supporting the release of information or practising Data Journalism. In this way, this site seeks to continue, this time virtually, the globetrotter project realised between July 2013 to July 2014 and discover further OK projects all around the world. Subscribe to our newsletter to be part of this amazing journey!

About this directory

During those 12 months, Alex and Margo met numerous enthusiastic activists sharing the same ideas and approaches worldwide. What it began as a simple contact list evolved soon in this directory which has following goals:

  • Increase the visibility of Open Knowledge projects worldwide.
  • Facilitate the communication and cooperation between activists across borders.

Portable Linked Profiles

PLP proposes a pattern for the creation, storage, listing and representation of public profile data for people, groups, organizations, venues and a large etcetera. Based on Open Web Standards, Common Vocabularies and Open Source technologies, it offers users the possibility to own the their data diverging from current mainstream and centralized profile platforms.

This directory implements the PLP Browser pattern. To discover more about PLP, read the docs


Rename and set configuration file

cp config.example.js config.js

Install dependencies

bower install

Deploy on the webserver of your choice


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Implementing Portable Linled Profiles

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