Report bugs

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To report any OPX software bugs, please raise an issue against the appropriate repository. If you're unsure of which repository to use, just use your best judgment.

OPX bug reporting guidelines

Use the following guidelines to report bugs, and include all of the information listed with your bug report.

  1. What is the problem you are reporting?
  2. Do you have a use case including examples?
  3. Is there a blocker? (Y/N), and include the reasoning if it is a blocker.
  4. OPX version that you are using (latest or specific version).
  5. Which platform are you using?
  6. How frequently is the bug reproducible (always, intermittently, and so on)?
  7. Include the steps to reproduce the problem.
  8. Include any logs (journalctl -f, opx-show-version, opx-show-system-status, and so on).
  9. Have you found a workaround that resolves your problem?
  10. Include additional notes.

Additional help

For additional assistance, you can also send an email to to post a message to all list members.

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