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  1. Forum Forum Public

    Discussion forum for the Open Systems Pharmacology Project

    63 19

  2. MoBi MoBi Public

    MoBi® is a software tool for multiscale physiological modeling and simulation

    C# 27 9

  3. Suite Suite Public

    Open Systems Pharmacology Suite Setup

    Rich Text Format 103 30

  4. PK-Sim PK-Sim Public

    PK-Sim® is a comprehensive software tool for whole-body physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling

    C# 95 50

  5. OSP-Qualification-Reports OSP-Qualification-Reports Public

    Qualification Reports recreated with every new OSP Release

    2 7

  6. OSP-PBPK-Model-Library OSP-PBPK-Model-Library Public

    Library of released PBPK substance models and evaluation reports

    MATLAB 17 15


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