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How we configure repositories


Most repositories have a name pattern like this: open-telemetry/opentelemetry-foo. The reason to include opentelemetry in the name of the repository is to simplify repositories distinction in forks. So when one will fork the repository - fork's name will still indicate that this repository is from OpenTelemetry organization.


Documents Community Membership and CONTRIBUTING define how permissions are typically set up for the repository.

  1. Every repository has two teams associated with it. Typically for the repository opentelemetry-foo they will be named foo-approvers and foo-maintainers. foo-maintainers is a child of foo-approvers as it always contains subset of people and defines larger scope of privileges.
  2. Even though the members of foo-maintainers are included in foo-approvers transitively, every member of foo-maintainers should be included in foo-approvers explicitly, and with the "Maintainer" GitHub privileges. So repository maintainers can invite new approvers to the team.
  3. The team foo-approvers has Write permissions for the repository.
  4. The team foo-maintainers has Maintain (beta) permissions for the repository.
  5. Root-level CODEOWNERS file on the repository should include superset of people from both teams.
  6. Every repository has Admins group defined as Admins for the repository.
  7. Some repositories may include more individuals outside of approvers and maintainers teams with the Write permissions. Typically for issues tracking and triage purpose.
  8. Some repositories may include more individuals with Admin permissions. Typically to help set up repository, CI, web hooks or other administrative work.



Typically master branch is set as default. And protected with the following policies:

  1. Enable Require pull request reviews before merging setting. Make sure Require review from Code Owners is checked.
  2. The default setting for Required approving reviews is 1 approval. Individual repositores may opt-in for bigger number of required reviews.
  3. Every repo MUST enforce cla/linuxfoundation check for Require status checks to pass before merging section.
  4. It is a good practice to check the Include administrators setting.
  5. Repository MUST enforce Restrict who can push to matching branches setting to only allow the members of foo-maintainers to push to the master branch.


Best practices

It is recommended to set the following settings:

  1. Only set "Allow squash merging" for the Merge button. It will ensure clean history for the repository.
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