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@pjanotti pjanotti released this Oct 3, 2019 · 31 commits to master since this release

Alpha v0.2 of OpenTelemetry Collector.

Docker image: omnition/opentelemetry-collector:v0.2.0 (we are working on getting this under an OpenTelemetry org)

Main changes visible to users since previous release:

  • Rename from service to collector, the binary is now named otelcol

  • Configuration reorganized and using strict mode

  • Concurrency issues for pipelines transforming data addressed


0e505d5 Refactor config: pipelines now under service (#376)
402b80c Add Capabilities to Processor and use for Fanout cloning decision (#374)
b27d824 Use strict mode to read config (#375)
d769eb5 Fix concurrency handling when data is fanned out (#367)
dc6b290 Rename all github paths from opentelemtry-service to opentelemetry-collector (#371)
d038801 Rename otelsvc to otelcol (#365)
c264e0e Add Include/Exclude logic for Attributes Processor (#363)
8ce427a Pin a commit for Prometheus dependency in go.mod (#364)
2393774 Bump Jaeger version to 1.14.0 (latest) (#349)
63362d5 Update testbed modules (#360)
c0e2a27 Change dashes to underscores to separate words in config files (#357)
7609eaa Rename OpenTelemetry Service to Collector in docs and comments (#354)
bc5b299 Add common gRPC configuration settings (#340)
b38505c Remove network access popups on macos (#348)
f7727d1 Fixed loop variable pointer bug in jaeger translator (#341)
958beed Ensure that ConsumeMetricsData() is not passed empty metrics in the Prometheus receiver (#345)
0be295f Change log statement in Prometheus receiver from info to debug. (#344)
d205393 Add Owais to codeowners (#339)
8fa6afe Translate OC resource labels to Jaeger process tags (#325)
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