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OpenTelemetry Collector Demo

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-released version of the OpenTelemetry Collector.

Typical flow of tracing and metrics data with OpenTelemetry Collector: tracing and metrics data initially received by OpenTelemetry Agent and then sent to OpenTelemetry Collector using OC data format. The OpenTelemetry Collector then sends the data to the backend, in this demo Jaeger, Zipkin, and Prometheus.

This demo uses docker-compose and runs against locally built docker images of OpenTelemetry Collector. In order to build the docker images use the commands below from the root of the repo:

make docker-otelcol

To run the demo, switch to the examples/demo folder and run:

docker-compose up

Open http://localhost:16686 to see the data on the Jaeger backend, http://localhost:9411 to see the data on the Zipkin backend, or http://localhost:9090 to see data on the Prometheus backend (Note that it may take some time for the application metrics to appear on the Prometheus dashboard).

To clean up any docker container from the demo run docker-compose down from the examples/demo folder.

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