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Metrics SDK

Updated Sep 12, 2019

This project contains all work concerning the Metrics SDK


Updated Sep 16, 2019

This project contains work related to plugins. Plugins are used to automatically instrument well-known modules.

Code hygiene and infrastructure

Updated Sep 11, 2019

This project contains all work related to code hygiene, testing and infrastructure

Backwards compatibility and upgrade path

Updated Aug 28, 2019

This project covers all the work that needs to be done to provide a seamless upgrade experience for OpenCensus and OpenTracing users.

Node.js Tracer SDK

Updated Sep 11, 2019

he Node.js tracer SDK contains all the infrastructure for tracing Node.js applications.

Basic Tracer SDK

Updated Sep 10, 2019

This project contains all the work related to the Basic Tracer SDK. With this users will have a full control over instrumentation and span creation. The base package doesn't load Continuation Local Storage (CLS) or any instrumentation plugin by default. Originates from census-instrumentation/opencensus-node#495 (comment)

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