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The Open Traits Network maintains a trait dataset registry. This page aims to information to help OTN members and editors to do so.

process / creating dataset file

Dataset Registration Process

The dataset registration process is as follows:

  1. contributor opens a "register dataset" github issue via
  2. contributor fills out the dataset registration form provided in the dataset registration issue template. This template is managed at .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATES/
  3. contributor submits the issue
  4. OTN editor reviews the registration request, asking for information if needed via issue.
  5. on approval, OTN editor creates a new dataset file
  6. OTN editor notifies contributor via issue comment.
  7. OTN editor closes issue

If you'd like to improve the registration process, please open an issue and make suggestions.

Creating a dataset file

To create a new dataset file, re-use the template via an issue provided through the data registration process, including the three dashes at the top and bottom of the text. Next, go to the top of the page and click Create new file which is located on the top right, second menu down. Paste the copied text into the large textbox and fill in the information as per the instructions below. Leave a space after the colon on each line. Enter the same id in the small textfield at the top (the web link), which is the abbreviate dataset name in kebab-case with dashed instead of spaces in lowercase (e.g., coral-traits, globi).

If you don't have an issue to start from, please see .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATES/ for required fields.

You can also inspect existing datasets above.

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