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Redirectory for Social Services

The Redirectory is a simple solution for communities to build up a searchable service for answering social services queries to their members with minimal overhead.

The ingredients consist of:

  • A data import bridge to a simple format
  • A CouchApp web application which consumes the output and structures it into a simple, easily replicated database.
  • A web application presenting a map and simple text search.
  • A phone/SMS/IM service for querying the service via mobile phone or computer.


For more details check out the wiki


open211 uses a utility written in node.js ( to push code from your computer to HTTP land. it doesn't require node.js on the server, just couchdb + elasticsearch (these can be on different servers from each other)

install couchdb 1.1 or above, node.js and npm
make sure "secure_rewrites" is set to false and "allow_jsonp" is set to true in your couch config
then replicate these two couches on your couch:
npm install -g couchapp
then do:
couchapp push social_services.js yourcouch/social_services
couchapp push app.js yourcouch/redirectory

then visit yourcouch/redirectory/_design/app/_rewrite

for full text search we use elasticsearch. you have to run it somewhere and use the couchdb "river" plugin to sync elasticsearch with couchdb

to set up the full text search proxy we utilize couchdb 1.1's built in proxy.
add the following tuple to httpd_global_handlers in the couch config:
_search: {couch_httpd_proxy, handle_proxy_req, <<"YOUR_ELASTICSEARCH_URL_HERE">>}

an example elasticsearch url is (default port for ES is 9200)