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Welcome to the redirectory wiki!

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  • Some IRC log

Proposed data sources

Generic / world-wide:


Data standard

Original columns:

Portland: website name timestamp longitude hours link text latitude description
San Francisco: phone link name district address
Oakland: Office SiteAddress service_group_name OrganizationName Latitude Longitude SiteName Mission service_name City
Seattle: agency_id agency_name agency_name_sort_key parent_organization url purpose description history main_phone_number street zip

Target columns (combination of the above)

name organization phone hours address description categories services website city latitude longitude updated_at source

Example piece of data in this format:

  "phone" : "510- 638-1532",
  "address" : "8530 International Boulevard",
  "categories" : "Employment",
  "organization" : "Boys and Girls Club",
  "name" : "Ossian E. Carr Branch",
  "description" : "The purpose of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oakland is to develop our community's youth into positive contributors to society.",
  "latitude" : 37.753305,
  "longitude" : -122.176886,
  "services" : "Job/Vocational training",
  "zip" : 94621,
  "source" : "City of Oakland",
  "city" : "Oakland",
  "updated_at": "2011-05-25T20:14:25.873Z"

Date formats are preferably stored in RFC3339/ISO8601 (e.g. "2011-05-25T20:14:25.873Z").

Geographic coordinates may be specified as "latitude" and "longitude" properties or as a "geometry" property conforming to the GeoJSON Point object type (example).

Potential categories:

child and family services
consumer protection and complaints
emergency and crisis services
employment, education and training
financial assistance
food and clothing
general community services
government officials
legal issues
multicultural associations
settlement and newcomer services
youth services