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Cooler tutorial

Browse the notebooks on GitHub or try out cooler with a brief interactive tutorial by clicking the Launch Binder button above. It will launch a "Binder" application using the code in this repository.

If you are experiencing delays, please check the Binder system status. The service may be down.

To start, after launching the binder, simply click on one of the IPython Notebook files:

  • cooler_cli.ipynb for a walkthrough of the command line interface.
  • cooler_api.ipynb for a walkthrough of the Python API.

To run the code in a cell, press shift+enter. Individual cells can then be modified and re-run. To flush the current set of variables, restart the notebook kernel from the Kernel menu.

This walkthrough was built using open source Jupyter Notebook and Binder projects.

Also see the notebooks from our Hi-C data analysis bootcamp.


Cooler demo using a Jupyter notebook Binder



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