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Prusa Mendel
Please read before attempting to build this. There is also PDF (manual-wiki) with backup documentation from
Imported stuff:
Frame vertices are based on Viks and Tonokips ones
Extruder by Wade
Parametric Involute Bevel and Spur Gears by GregFrost
Belt pulley is by GilesBathgate
Prusa Mendel part list:
To print:
6x frame-vertex-without-foot or 2x -without-foot and 4x -with-foot
2x coupling
3x endstop-holder
1x x-carriage
1x x-end-idler
1x x-end-motor
2x z-motor-mount
4x belt-clamp
8x bar-clamp
2x rod-clamp
1x y-motor-bracket
2x pulley
12x pla-bushing
The Mendel build plate contains all the parts except the pla bushings