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ArtyFX OpenAV Productions


Manual: ArtyFX Manual

This is the repository of an LV2 plugin suite called Arty FX.

ArtyFX screenshot


ArtyFX uses AVTK for its user interfaces, and therefore depends only on Cairo and X. The LV2 headers are needed to build the plugins.

On Debian Jessie (current stable) the following will grab the dependencies needed to build ArtyFX:

sudo apt-get install libcairo-dev lv2-dev lv2core libsndfile1-dev libsamplerate0-dev


The Meson build system is now preferred over the old CMake based system, as configuring builds in Meson is easier. The following steps build ArtyFX using Meson:

meson build_dir
cd build_dir
ninja install

Legacy builds

Previous versions of ArtyFX were built using CMake, which is still working
but will be deprecated in future. Steps below for the old method:
Once deps are satisfied, building and installing is easy with CMake:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j4
make install

After the INSTALL step Ardour3, QTractor, and any other LV2 host should
automatically find all plugins, and be able to use them. Test availability
$ lv2ls | grep openav

Harry van Haaren   <>
OpenAV Productions